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Create a Successful and Engaging Client Challenge


Grow Your Tribe With This Free Course!

Without someone pushing, motivating, and reminding them, the majority of customers will never use the products or services they purchase to its full potential.

They won't change their habits or their mindset, and they won't get the value that was promised.  

And when customers don't see results, they don't come back and they have no reason to refer you to others.

Running a customer challenge can change all that. Multi-day challenges encourage people to do something consistently every day for a set period of time. And that consistency produces results. And results are what people share with friends… and what bring them back to buy your products and services.

In this free course you will create a successful and engaging challenge to get your clients to act and reach success!

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Coach Cheryl Thacker


Coach Cheryl Thacker, PCC, BCC is the CEO and Founder of Successful Coaches Enterprise LLC, creator of the Coaching Biz Accelerator group program, and host of the Master Your Coaching Biz Podcast.


Cheryl has been coaching for 14 years and is passionate about helping coaches and consultants  transition to full-time entrepreneurship, while avoiding overwhelm and burnout. 


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